Why? - The Truth About FGM

"Why?", which is available to download here, is a radio project by 14 young women from BME backgrounds about FGM - Female Genital Mutilation. FGM is sometimes also referred to as female circumcision, genital cutting, clitoridectomy, infibulation or sunna.

"Why?" explores the difficult subject of FGM through the eyes of a fictional young girl as she prepares to visit her grandparents one summer.

This programme is about Female Genital Mutilation and includes a description of the procedure. 

"Why?" was made in conjunction with Integrate Bristol and funded by Mediabox with help from South West Screen

At the end of a documentary such as this it is normal to advise people who have been affected by the issues contained within to call a helpline, the number of which is provided at the end of the broadcast.
We found there was no number we could offer listeners to call. We want this situation to change.

After you have listened to "Why" please sign our petition calling the UK government to provide a helpline for those affected by FGM to call.

You can also join our facebook group.

More information about FGM and the campaigns against it can be found on the Forward website.